Roll up, roll up!

At this time of abstinence from bread, our thoughts are turned…to green wraps! Allow me to refer you to a previous post, written in the days when this blog was a mere babe in arms (less than a year ago- which makes this blog a babe in arms still…..) It’s an inside-out BLT. Oh yes, it is! A la Beth. This is Loving Leaves.

For green wraps you need-

  • lettuce leaves, any kind.
  • a spread or dip that you love, eg my walnut pate, hummous, home-made guac, etc
  • Plenty of sprinkles: chopped olives/grated carrot/red onion/corn/avocado (My friend suggested chicken, to which I suggested, that when your bread is a green leaf, you can put whatever you want inside, surely!)
  • a sprinkling of salt or spices if desired

For more details and (very poor) photos, see this post: Inside-out B.L.T

Green Wraps: A new way to eat your salads!


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