Sourdough Bread…

I miss bread. I miss it. When is Easter Sunday????? Lovely warm spelt bread with olive oil, or wholegrain toast with saad, or wholewheat pitta with hummous and raw veggies. I love you.

That said, I cannot fail to notice that for the last month I have not been afflicted with any stomach pains that I secretly suspected were triggered by certain foods.

Frankly, this makes me want to weep.

Sesame Ryvita is lovely, know…….

Still, when Lent is over I shall do some experimentation with foods/quantities and so on, and close watching, and fear not- I will not be going into this again– who wants to hear peoples digestive issues???!!!

And as time is short (I need to make sandcastles with my son) I post a couple of links for anyone who is interested in making sourdough bread.

To be honest, just reading the instructions made me want to sit down with a herbal tea and some biscuits (oh- wait- no……)  It’s probably no more “faff” than sprouting- just patience and a couple of daily routines of no more than a few seconds. It’s just that instruction list seems SO long!

But not to put you off! Sourdough bread is supposed to be a great alternative if you struggle digesting regular bread (enough on digestion already!) Does it taste sour, I wonder? I am sure I will try this next month. Meanwhile, here is the link. It’s from Peas and Thank You.

Follow this link for the sourdough starter

Follow this for “The Ultimate Sourdough Bread recipe”


Happy Easter….almost……    😦






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