Easter Inspiration

But not from me….although I do have some delicious alternative chocolate recipes under the dessert section (Peanut butter Cups and Coconut Bites) which you could use to bind oats into a healthsome easter nest…this of course would be a darker tasting chocolate, I absolutely love it and so do most other people who have tried it.

No- this inspiration is brought to you from Addicted to Veggies, healthy icing, made with all natural ingredients, no bottled food colourings, not even the beetle-blood kind, and certainly no E numbers, . Here is a teaser photo atop her alternative wheat-free cookies, should you so desire to also make them (dehydrator needed)  Even if you don’t think you will make them, I would still encourage you to see how she makes the icing- it may inspire you for future creations. Click on the link above for the recipe. As for me, I have coconut oil back in my house after a long absence, and am happy to have it back.

Happy almost- Easter- symbolic for me as a Christian as remembrance of new life in two (or more) senses of the word. Choose some life-enhancing foods, go on, do it!


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