Home-made Coconut Butter

Did you click on yesterdays’ link for amazing healthy coloured icing? If so you will have noticed that she uses coconut BUTTER, not coconut oil. Coconut butter is made using the meat of the coconut, rather than just extracting the oils. It’s richer, sweeter and tastier.  It’s almost impossible to find in the UK, and costs a pretty penny when you do- more than the oil I’ll warrant, which is not cheap. And here’s the great part- unlike coconut oil, YOU CAN MAKE COCONUT BUTTER AT HOME. As I am doing of late, I am linking to another blog, because right now I do not have much abundance of the creative sort to offer, for various reasons.

However, if we are going to be technical, no instructions are needed. You simply take unsweetened dessicated coconut, and put it in your food processor and whizz…and whizz…and so on, for 8-10 minutes. It will be liquid by the time you finish but as it cools it will become more solid, as below.

As a coconut worshipper and a frugal lover of home-made plant creations in general,  I am very keen to try this. I am posting a teaser photo from Susan Powers website because she is a professional food photographer and somehow manages to make a jar of white stuff look stylish, because that is what professional food stylists do. She is also a lover of raw foods, hence the name of her site Rawmazing.  When I submit my poor mini chopper to some more vigorous processing again, it will be for this. This would be perfect for tropical smoothies, healthy sweeties, and delicious curries. And for now my friends, that is all the abundance I can offer you. Though, be kind- it’s not altogether bad  🙂


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