It has been a while since I did a “proper recipe”. Today will not be the day either…….Here are 9 things to share with you, because that’s what I do……

  1. Lent being over, and all, I have been enjoying my wonderful carrot cake (click here for the recipe) which I cunningly froze away. Yay for freezers!
  2. I just saw somebody use chickpeas as a binder in granola bars, and I was curious, so I google searched it, and lots of people seem to be doing it. Chickpeas in an energy bar- sounds like just the kind of thing I must try immediately!
  3. Tesco have been selling frozen raspberries for £1.30 a bag for over a year now. These have been our manna from heaven, for smoothies, pancakes, or just thawing and eating.The manna has sadly dried up, at least, at that price, anyway…       😦
  4. On a happy note, asparagus season is upon us any day!!! Yes, that merited three explanation marks. Happy,happy days!
  5. I did some lazy black beans the other day and they worked so well. I cooked up some black beans and ended up with 3 cups worth- unseasoned, just plain old beans. I squeezed a generous amount of tomato puree into a saucepan, some lemon juice, salt, onion powder, garlic powder, cumin and smoked paprika, and heated it all up. It tasted delicious! (A ready mixed mexican spice would probably have been even tastier, for sure)
  6. In a previous post, I pointed out that growing season was upon us. As someone whose blog sports the name “loving leaves” you would think I had planted by now. But no….. I may be lucky if I get some windowsill sprouts going. Sigh……………..
  7. I baked a slow-cooker bread that I found on Pinterest yesterday and it was successful!  Out of general internet courtesy, I shall post the link to the original site for the recipe: Fix-it-and-forget-it.com   Tweak recipe as desired (The original recipe uses powdered milk, and a mixture of flours) Delicious.
  8. I am too lazy to upload the photo of my slow cooker bread. It was a loaf of bread. Only done in a slow cooker.
  9. A list of 9 things is bound to irritate me. So let’s make it ten……
  10. My husband surprised me the other day by purchasing himself a white cabbage, and devouring the leaves, undressed and unaccompanied. This is a man who prefers his salads lettuce-free. I wondered if it was some strange kind of deficiency that his body was craving cruciferous. (Strange, in a decidedlygood way….) In any case, these small leaf-loving moments are just the kind of thing that round off a list of  random plant-associated shares nicely.   Especially considering I started the list with cake……


Happy weekend!!


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