What “type” of eater are you?

If your head is a whirling with all the nutritional advice out there, most of which sells itself as dogma, and half of which contradicts itself, then here is a refreshing new way of thinking about your eating habits.The fact is we will never stick to a way of eating- however healthy it is- unless we WANT to and it fits in with the relationship we have with food. You may have heard about eating for your blood type, this is eating according to your eating-personality type.

While we all LOVE food- the relationship you personally have with food and eating patterns may be more important than how many calories or fat grams you eat.

If you can work out WHY you eat certain things over others- then you can work within that reality to create a more healthsome diet, without feeling restricted or that you are eating things that don’t fit into your lifestyle.

This concept is brought to you by….

Karen Knowler – known as the “Raw Food Coach” has just written an  interesting book called “Eat Right for Your Personality Type”. She has coached literally thousands of people over the last decade and says she has been able to identify different “types” of eaters. Her book does advocate moving to a healthy diet high in fruits and raw vegetables (though it certainly doesn’t shove it down your throat) Rather she focuses more on the way you see food, your “eating type” and works at how you can up your diet to a healthier level in a way that feels “right”, natural and not restrictive- working WITH your type. So rather than saying “Stop comfort eating”, she would say “If you recognise you comfort eat, here are some things you can do within that reality”. She definitely speaks common sense, without a whiff of holier-than-thou….

Obviously nobody eats purely according to one “type”. All of us eat for a variety of reasons from the list above for any one mouthful, but most people will have a dominant type in their eating habits, which of course may change as you are in different stages of your life.Interested? Read on!

What are the Personality Types?

  • The Functional eater- Eats for speed
  • The Sensual eater- eats for pleasure
  • The Emotional eater- eats for comfort
  • The Intellectual eater- eats for nutrition
  • The Focussed eater- Eats for results
  • The Intuitive eater- eats for connection
  • The Conscious eater- eats for ethics
  • The Experimental eater – eats for variety
  • The Confused eater- eats for clarity
  • The Social eater- eats for companionship

For example: Cake!

By way of example, let’s take our ten personality types and let them choose a cake.(He and she used interchangeably here)

  • The Functional eater may grab a “muffin to go” on the way to work.
  • The Sensual eater may choose “Chocolate Molten Lava Babycakes” because the crisp outer and the gooey interior is a taste and texture sensation.
  • The Emotional eater may go for a Sticky Toffee Pudding cake, because Warm And Gooey is the only thing to take the edge off that awful day at work.
  • The Intellectual eater may want a wholegrain spelt cake, with flax seeds and walnuts for Omega 3.
  • The Focussed eater may choose a healthsome sugar-free banana cake- perfect before his gym workout.
  • The Intuitive eater may not eat cake often but right now she fancies some, and if her body wants some now, she is fine with that. It’s all about listening.
  • The Conscious eater may make one himself to ensure the cake is made with fairtrade sugar, locally sourced eggs, and organic flour.
  • The Experimental eater may eat Pear and Champagne Cupcakes because he has never tried that before.
  • The Confused eater might umm and ahh…gluten free is all the rage nowadays- maybe I’ll have a gluten-free chocolate-cherry cupcake and see how I get on with it.
  • The Social eater will eat whatever is on offer, but prefers eating it with someone- because eating cake with friends is so cosy, don’t you think?

How about another example? And since the book (and this blog) is about moving to a more healthy diet as well as “eating types”, let’s take…..strawberries.(“He” and “she” used interchangeably again)

  • The Functional eater may eat strawberries for breakfast because it’s quick and convenient.
  • The Sensual eater may eat them with Chantilly cream because he adores that combination
  • The Emotional eater may eat them with dipped in melted swiss chocolate because she just got made redundant and she is stressed.
  • The Intellectual eater may eat them thinking of that wonderful Vitamin C.
  • The Focussed eater may eat them because they are part of her “nine-a-day” goal
  • The Intuitive eater may eat them because that’s what he fancies, so it must be what his body needs right now
  • The Conscious eater only eats them locally grown and organic because she knows that the environment will benefit.
  • The Experimental eater may eat them because he hasn’t eaten them for ages and fancies a change.
  • The Confused eater may eat them because wherever he looks, “they” seem to be talking about fruit making you feel good, so let’s see if it’s true…
  • The Social eater may eat them because sitting in the park with friends is always better with some summery food.

Of course, as I mentioned, there is plenty of overlap too:

The intellectual eater also adores the flavour of strawberries, he doesn’t just eat them for health’s sake.

The Social eater also knows they are good for her, which is always a bonus….

The Sensual eater may care about other ethical issues too (organic cream please, and fairtrade chocolate!)

Every “type” is in a hurry sometimes and may grab whatever fills them fast for the sake of  funtional”fuel”

So obviously, these “types” are clearly not mutually exclusive- which is what makes food choice such a potentially rich and varied experience. However, the author asserts that in her experience, most people have a more dominant type, and as you read through the book, you can normally see which one you are. It’s pretty fascinating, to be sure!

Her partner website also has a short quiz to see which “type” you are, with plenty of freebies- poster, menu plan, monthly newsletter “Eat Right for your Personality Type” delivered to your email with recipes and tips for each “type”. If you interested, click on this link:Eat Right For Your Personality Type

 Meanwhile- as you eat over the next few days, ask yourself the different reasons why you are eating at that time, or that particular item- it’s a fascinating process and you may get some interesting insights!


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