A word on salad dressings

I am so in love with fat. It’s that silky mouth-feel. When I make my broccoli salad, it is VERY generously doused with the creamy cashew dressing. An avocado blended with an orange, lemon juice and salt is silky-smooth green bliss on a bowl of leaves. Extra virgin olive oil is also an important part of my salad moments for simplicity and flavour. (Oh yes- and chocolate!! I love you!!- Nurturing, healthy chocolate recipes (two varieties) here and here)

Here is why I champion home-made fat-based plant-food dressings:


  • Your dressing is a part of your home-made, nature-grown salad, so why not make your dressing too?
  • You feel all mother-earthy. Especially if you grew your own salad (I am not very good at this part)


  • It lifts the salad to something even more special. It’s a mouth-feel thing.
  • You are more likely to eat lots of raw salad veggies and leaves if it is a delicious, yea, even seductive experience.
  • Our body needs healthy fats and they HELP our heart and cardiovascular health.
  • It aids considerably in the absorption of certain vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Several studies that I have seen indicate this.
  • It adds wonderful flavour- extra virgin olive oil is SO delicious. The first time I ever saw six children tuck enthusiastically into salad every day was in Spain – I swear, the secret is the the Olive oil!  Hola Rebeca!  🙂


  • All plant foods contain “phytochemicals” not found in animal products, which have endless immune-strengthening and disease fighting properties
  • Because this is “Loving Leaves”- when have I ever promoted sour cream over an avocado forgoodnesssake ?!
  • I am not going to go into the ethical issues with the dairy industry, but my opinion is a cashew or avocado dressing is way more compassionate. I think we should try to think about where our food comes from and what is really behind it. Not saying I always do, but I believe it is something we all need to do more.

That said, I think it’s a big picture thing….and everyone has different tastes. If a sour cream based dressing helps you eat a gosh-darn big plate-a-greens for lunch, then who am I to cast aspersions? That said, have you tried this “Ranch dressing” recipe here? Helloooo seductive mouth-feel!!


And so I bid you farewell for another day…..And in closing: Several people have had trouble commenting on the site. I have looked again at the comment facility and it looks like they have simplified it now, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

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