Things that work together

Strawberries and summer days. Crunchy autumn leaves and cosy walking boots. Great music and closed eyes. Friends and laughter. Painted toenails and summer sandals. Mango and spinach. Did I lose you on the last one?

A sweet ripe mango +  water +  2 handfuls of raw babyleaf spinach is the simplest of all green smoothies. They work together. You will love it. And best of all:  it will love you right back!

Here are some green combinations that work together. Required: Blender

  • Mango, spinach (Alternative: Substitute the water for fresh orange juice, and a squeeze of lemon if you wish. A glug of “not from concentrate” smoothie can help give it a lift if you are beginning and/or in a hurryAnd if you crazy busy in the mornings, and are blessed enough to be able to access frozen mango chunks, you save yourself some work- just thaw a cupfull the night before.) 
  • Ripe pear, kiwi, squeeze of lime, spinach/kale
  • Cantaloupe melon, apple, spinach  (add half a ripe avocado for a creamy drink)
  • Oranges (whole), ripe banana, frozen strawberries, spinach or other greens
  • Orange, lemon, pineapple, greens (like the “orange lemon and pienapple” you used to drink as a kid. Only not…)
  • Pineapple, frozen blueberries, greens
  • Mango, apples, lemon juice, greens

If you blend up a concoction and you are not keen on it, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater-just work it out: what does it need?

  • Too thick and gloopy? Add water or fruit juice or a glug of quality smoothie
  • Too watery? Add half  a banana, or a chopped apple. If using water (recommended) only add enough to get the blender going at first or you will dilute all that lovely fruitiness too much
  • Not sweet enough? Add ripe banana, a strawberry or three, or a little fruit-only juce/smoothie
  • Still not sweet enough? Add some honey or maple syrup.
  • Not quite “something” enough? Sometimes a squeeze of lemon is just what it needs. It’s like the salt of green smoothies.
  • Too “green” for your taste? This is not a usual scenario as most people start quite cautiously!  Kale is strong but even that you can end up enjoying.
  • Too sweet? Maybe you could try savoury smoothies: (Details via this link) or a home-made gazpacho for breakfast (Click for recipe)

I don’t even know if you like painted toenails and summer sandals (on yourself, or others)

but I highly recommend you start whizzing up green smoothies.

It’s a no-brainer delicious way of consuming plenty of fruit and raw greens and helping your children do the same. If they are very small you won’t even have to convince them, just insert straw.

And unlike summer sandals (which I sometimes wonder if I will get out this year) you can love them every day of the year. To your health!! (And fingers crossed for a decent UK summer!)


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  1. Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo iiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttt!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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