What is your why?

Why do you want to eat and drink cleaner and greener?

Some people will answer “to lose weight”. Now ask yourself the same question again . There must be another reason, or you may as well do Slimfast, Weightwatchers or Atkins Diet, right?

Why else do you feel drawn to cleaning up your diet?  Why would you choose eating cleaner as a weight loss method, over one of the “diets on the market”?

Collect together all your reasonings, which may or may not be some of the following:


  • Strengthen my immune system
  • Flush out toxins by eating more water based fruit and veg
  • Give my liver a break!
  • Give my pancreas a break!
  • Clear my skin up
  • Help my body to deal more efficiently with (xyz) chronic condition
  • To help my digestion
  • I want to give my body clean fuel for my workouts
  • I suspect that an excess of (processed food/meat/fried foods/dairy/white carbs/sugar) is causing/aggravating my problem with………..
  • I remember when I ate cleaner and my energy levels were much better
  • Better concentration levels/mental clarity
  • I hate having brain fog around 3pm every day
  • I can’t even focus on my studies when I need sugar/Coke /…….(insert)
  • I want to help my family eat better as a whole and I need to set the example
  • Eating more plants over meat as a compassionate choice
  • Eating closer to the earth “just feels right”
  • I think eating healthy will make me feel better in myself generally
  • I remember when I ate really well and I just felt good inside
  • I am sick of craving junk food (this is also physical)
  • I feel out of control with some food addictions
  • To care better for my body which houses my spirit/inner self

Whatever your “WHY” is, THE BIGGER, THE BETTER!! The greater and deeper your desire to clean up how you eat, the easier it will be to make the transition (which is a journey with inevitable ups, downs, pitfalls, and experimentations with what is “right” for you…….)

Please allow me to link to some previous posts I have written. Here’s hoping they may help.

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“But I love chocolate!” Try this

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“I miss my old stuff, this is not fun!”  If you’re not having fun, read this!

“I want to make healthy juices but I don’t have a juicer!”  This will start you off

Enjoy the journey!


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