Home-made Nutella

This all began when I decided to make Ria Collection Cupcakes with Isaac. He is the only child who would not be reduced to tears if I mashed up an avocado into the cupcake mixture. Not that the girls don’t like avocado’s- they love them. But not in the context of a chocolate cupcake. They’ll get there one day, I’m sure  🙂

Recipe: Follow this link here: Ria’s Collection Blogspot


  • I used the blender to whizz the avocado and sugar and water, rather than just mash with a fork. Mmmmm, sweet silky green stuff. It was delicious!
  • I used spelt flour which is “lighter” than wholewheat flour.
  • The recipe called for 1t bicarb of soda and 1t baking powder, and I accidentally used 1t bicarb of soda, and 1t arrowroot. Always read the label.

Verdict: Could have done with being a little more chocolatey, and possibly sweeter – for me it was fine, not sure if most kids would approve, but maybe with some chocolate chips thrown in, they would. Texture: very light and moist, despite my raising agent mess-up.

Raising agent impoverished muffins

And so it went that I felt they needed a little frosting.

And so it was that I remembered that my husband had recently asked me to make him some “healthier Nutella” (Spanish readers: Nocilla) and that was why I had a bag of hazelnuts in the cupboard.

And so it was that as Isaac boogied to his Spanish singalong DVD “Cantajuegos” I whipped up some healthier Nutella.

Note: Nutella ingredients goes like this: Sugar. Vegetable oil. Hazelnuts (*veryverysmall*%)  A few other additions

I figured that A. would not approve of a low-fat version using only the natural oils from the hazelnuts. I was shooting for easily spreadable. I also figured honey would give it too strong a flavour that would mask the hazelnuts, so I opted for using roasted hazelnuts, walnut oil, and Sucanat.  (Sucanat is made from sugar cane that has been squeezed of all it’s juice, and the juice is then gently dehydrated. If used as-is, it is supposed to have most of the minerals of the original plant. It has a kind of deep caramelly flavour. You can buy it in some health food shops)

There are many different ways you could do this, and I was more trying to imitate the shop taste, rather than do a super-duper highly-healthy spread. Though this is definitely healthier than the shop version.

  • Dry roast 100grams (1 cup) of hazelnuts in a frying pan.
  • Rub the roasted nuts between your palms to remove any bits of flaky skin (eeeeeeuw. Bad choice of words! Moving on..!!)
  • Process in your mini chopper until you have a nut butter (Note: I cheated. My chopper was smoking. It was almost there, but I decided to just put the oil in, hence slightly grainy texture)
  • Add 1 T of unsweetened cocoa powder (Oh no! Or was it 1/2Tablespoon? How did I not write this down? Start with half, process with the sugar and oil, and taste-test)
  • Add 4T of mild-tasting oil
  • Add 4T sugar.
  • Process again.  (Note: I tasted after 3T and for me it was sweet enough, but I pushed the boat out. It was Friday)
  • Admire your handiwork.

A little grainy, and possibly (?!) a tad oily… but with only 3 ingredients, made at home in 15 minutes, a considerably higher percentage of hazelnuts than 13%,  and pretty darned tasty, thank you.


Spread on a split banana, or spelt pancakes, or swirl it into banana soft-serve, or on crackers….Enjoy! It is SO GOOD.

Atop aforementioned vegan muffin


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