Jamaican “rice and peas”

Heavens! I mean- heaven! I mean- this is one gosh-darn good plate of food, and it is SO simple! Again, this was lunch one day because the girls “hate” coconut. Amelia will eat coconut oil chocolate and has even been known to ask me to make some when she has a stash of Christmas Cadburys “because I love your healthy dark chocolate”. These words are a beautiful sound to fall on the ears of one such as I. But in any other shape or form, they won’t go near it. Lunchtime, and my fridge is empty until tonight. I mean, I could have made a salad….of grated carrot and nothing else. Store cupbard it was then!

Jamaican rice and peas, delicious with fish, or just as it is. Or- with a lime and coriander salsa that I will post tomorrow.(Because I haven’t bought the ingredients yet!)


  • Jamaican rice and peas is traditionally made with kidney beans. Most beans taste the same to me to be honest, I think it’s all in the sauce or additions. A tin of black-eyed beans did just dandy.
  • The recipe calls for coconut milk, which I never have in, but I DO normally have this:

Patak’s “Creamed coconut”- 100% coconut, with nothing else at all. 4 sachets for less than £1, and you dissolve it in warm water for a kind of coconut milk. There was no box (and therefore no instructions) but I dissolved HALF a sachet in about 700 mls of water; the other half I refridgerated and will need to be used within a couple of days I would think.

  • I used “easy cook” Brown rice. Be aware that your cooking time and liquid amount will vary depending on what rice you use. As always, check the package instructions, cook it slowly rather than fiercely, stir and test frequently, and add more liquid if required.
  • The recipe also called for fresh coriander or fresh thyme to finish. I didn’t think grated carrot would work, so no fresh garnish today……


  • Gently saute an onion and 2-3 cloves of garlic until soft
  • Add 1 tin of beans, rinsed well
  • Add 1 cup of rice
  • Add 2 cups of coconut milk (see above) You may need to add more as the rice cooks
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt

Again, cooking time will vary with rice types. Mine was on a low heat and took maybe 30 minutes plus sitting time. So, so delicious.

Yes, it is more delicious than it looks!

I ate something really similar with a piece of freshly caught fish in Africa, on the day I renounced 8 years of eating vegetarian. But that’s another story 🙂


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