Bircher Muesli

Well if we are going to be pedantic, this is a re-hashed version of this post: Overnight Oats. Only Bircher Muesli sounds posher.

Swiss physician Maximilian Bircher-Benner introduced muesli to the patients in his hospital, of which an essential part of the therapy was a diet rich in fruit and vegetables. As a lover of plant-foods, I love this last point, and as a linguist, I love that “muesli” is the diminutive form of “mues” meaning “puree” or “mash-up”. It consisted in soaking oats and fruit (generally grated apple), and it was often served with lemon juice and sweetened condensed milk because of fears of bovine tuberculosis in regular milk (pasteurisation and refridgeration not commonly available)

Not sure if sweetened condensed milk (though delicious) would now be considered an integral part of therapeutic diets, but I am sure it was preferable to bovine TB. And after all, they didn’t have blenders to make almond milk with.   🙂

Muesli is the “lazy mans granola”- a great way to enjoy home-made goodness that is not tecnically “made”- just thrown into a bowl!  Traditionally the oats are left in soak overnight to soften them, but principally to break down the “phytic acid” which is an anti-nutrient.So basically- what I always say about juices and smoothies: I am not sure you can call this a “recipe”- you just mix up what you like, and therein lies the beauty of it.  It takes a matter of seconds, it just requires you to remember the night before. In a pinch- leave it all all in soak in the early morning for 1-2 hours,  and enjoy a lateish breakfast.

yum, for real.


This particular bowl had:

  • 1 cup of jumbo organic oats
  • 3 dried apricots, snipped
  • flaked almonds
  • 1 Tablespon chia seeds (more on these another day: they are the flecks that look like poppy seeds)
  • 1/2 a grated apple
  • sunflower seeds

Soaked in home-made almond milk overnight.

Serve with extra sweetness- honey, maple syrup etc  Though if you want to go for natural sweetness, chopped bananas and date paste (recipe via this link) work amazingly, and help maintain stable blood sugar levels better.  I had some date paste made and added a large spoonfull and it made it perfect.


I can confirm this was de-lightful. Isaac can too 🙂

Hooray for posh re-hashes!

Hooray for oats!

Hooray for physicians before their time!

And hooray for something hearty and filling on a cold day, when (*forheavenssake!!*) we should be eating fresh fruit!




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