Did I ever tell you the story about…

..the brazil nut cheese? I didn’t? Really?? I cannot believe this! Over the last year I have covered different things you can do with nuts to make dairy-free protein rich nutritious dishes- pates, creamy dressings, milks. I actually cannot believe that I have not touched on these amazing soft “cheese” spreads. It borders on criminal, in fact. As I dolloped some Brazil Nut cheese (herb and sun-dried tomato variety) over my spinach salad, and mixed it through, I marvelled- it really DOES taste better after 1 or 2 days!

And I am really sorry if you are itching to get started- but you will have to consider this a teaser. I will make some more next week and report on more precise measurements, and furnish the post with a photo. But for all you creative cooks (no cooking involved) out there- here are some pointers to get started. I don’t think you need any precise measurements, just be willing to taste and try out.

  • Soak your nuts until soft. Brazil nuts and almonds will need all night. Cashews, a mere few hours if you are pushed.
  • Whizz them in a food processor with some lemon juice and salt until they are a kind of wet “meal”
  • Now with your food processor running, droozle in water until it reaches a smooth spreadable consistency*
  • Add your choice of flavourings: garlic powder (or crushed raw!), onion powder, herbs, dried pepper flakes, paprika, walnuts (yes-more nuts! maybe not?) olives, snipped sundrieds etc etc
  • Taste-test.Tweak.Refridgerate for a slight firming up.
  • Some of these recipes call for nutritional yeast for a savoury “cheese-like” flavour. I must say I LOVE this nutritious product, and the flavour it imparts but my brazil nut cheese tasted GREAT and it didn’t use any NY.
  • I definitely think the flavour improves after a day.


Spread on ryvita or ww bread, dip veggies in it, use in wraps, mix it through your salad, in short- enjoy all that yummy nutrition however you wish.

You won’t literally live happily ever after with these nut cheeses, but you sure will feel happy eating it, and when you build your whole diet around foods like this, you up your chances of a longer, healthier story.   🙂


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