Luscious food facials

This post is dedicated to my friend Patricia because her Facebook status update gave me the idea for this post. Patricia and I met while I lived in Spain; she was on a year from the States with her husband and young family, and it was in Spain with all the sun and wonderful markets that she began to wake up to the joys of produce over packaged.  🙂  She returned to the States, trained, and now has her own successful business in Yoga and Ayurvedic treatments; here is her website: Radiant Living Yoga and Ayurveda. Hooray for inspirational friends!

Sadly, I have never had a food facial, but boy, do I plan to! It’s not especially novel, and I figure it makes total sense, if we try and fuel our insides with clean, green plant food, then why not opt for more natural live, chemical-free skincare? That said….I don’t have a clue about this! I would need to do a little more reading about the different benefits of different foodstuffs, so you may officially consider this a half-hearted blog post with little specific useful information (except a link to a great lady’s website)

It goes without saying that certain oilier face masks will be for very dry skin, and that while some mild tingling may be normal (even good) – discomfort means “get this substance off my face!”  I was going to say let common sense be your guide, but I would probably say, let your intuition and imagination dance you through it, because I am sure it is pretty fun!  For more specific benefits of different foodstuffs on the skin, you will have to investigate further (like I say- half hearted post….) here are a few tips I grabbed from a Google search.

Moisten your face with a very warm flannel to open the pores, or use a bowl of hot water (you know…like when you had a bad cold….)

Suggested face-masks

  • avocado (for very dry skin) 15-20 minutes
  • Honey (a natural humectant- in other words draws moisture from the air to your skin) 15 minutes
  • Oats and water mixed  (15 minutes or until hard)  Soothing to irritated or itchy skin
  • Natural yogurt (live)  Add lemon juice for greasy skin, and oatmel and honey for dry skin
  • mashed strawberries and honey (15 minutes)
  • papaya (5 minutes)
  • pineapple (just rub over the surface of your face for a few minutes, as with the papaya OR, make a blitzed mixture)
  • blitzed cucumber (optional: with yogurt) So soothing…..
  • egg whites (okay so it’s not a plant) to open up pores and leave skin refreshed
  • egg yolks for a deep moisturising facemask, with honey- even better!
  • ripe banana (alternative- blitz with some avocado)  (15 minutes)


-Some will need to be tried with a friend as you will have to be horizontal – could get messy otherwise!

-After your natural enzyme-rich face mask, rinse your face with warm water until clean, finally, with COLD water (to close pores) and gently pat your face dry.

-Round off your natural skin care session with a home-made juice or smoothie. Please don’t make your smoothie with second hand facials. That’s just dirty.  😉

-For the lazy option, try this  🙂  Not sure if it is as much of a sensory magical experience though  🙂



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