Banana Pops- You have to try these!

If you follow this blog you may have noticed how much I love the following combinations:

1. Fruit and greens for nutritious smoothies

2. Cashews and water for a blended silky smooth neutral-slightly-sweet “cream”

3.Bananas and a freezer for “I can’t believe this is only a banana!!”

Frozen bananas really do take on the most decadent creamy texture so that my Dad even asked “Are you SURE you haven’t added anything to this ice-cream- JUST bananas??”  It’s fairly easy to whip up- but you need to have pre-sliced your RIPE bananas, and then blend them to a creamy soft-serve in your mini chopper. While it takes a mere ten minutes, you have to love this recipe today, it’s even quicker and NO APPLIANCES NEEDED!

1.Peel banana, cut in half if desired

2.Insert wooden skewer or lollipop stick

3.COAT IT!  I was just finishing off a batch of peanut butter cups made with coconut oil chocolate and I used the left-over chocolate (much to Amelia’s annoyance!) You can also coat them in a little maple syrup or thinned down honey, and then roll, roll roll. Perhaps in some dessicated coconut? Or some pecans and cinnamon? granola? Some melted dark chocolate if you don’t go for coconut oil chocolate?

Allow me to present my first ever banana pops, which would look decidedly better if I had had something more exciting to roll them in, and if the chocolate hadn’t been almost set when I had this idea. (Left hand pop has a coating of peanut butter under that gloopy dogs-dinner chocolate coating. Messy, but yum!

Still- here are some little beauties, courtesy of Pinterest. Good old Pinterest.

For a super-dooper healthy one, roll in coconut, carob chips, or chopped dried fruit (

Or you can coat in sweeter alternatives, still safe in the knowledge that your ice cream is a banana! (

Oh TOO CUTE! These are coated in white chcolate, and you could also do it with sweetened natural yogurt or (you know what I am going to say-) sweetened cashew cream! (

This version is from “peas and thank you” blog ( dipped in fruit yogurt

OR- banana slices for super-cute little “pops”. (Unfortunately the link on pinterest had broken for the source of this photo, it was

Are you all inspired??!

No mini chopper needed, amazing texture, SO easy, great  fun to make with the kids, and you can go 100% natural by coating with nuts and dried fruit, or add a sweeter coating and call it a gosh darn good compromise, frankly. Now all we need is some more sun. Please tell me that wasn’t our summer!!!


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