The sun is shining…

In fact it is ALWAYS shining, but I mean- I can feel it and see it today, and it begs a bike ride to a nearby farm. And so, once my bread has finished in a few minutes, I will hit the street with my little pal. By way of touching base, a brief post,  just to confirm we do actually re-do a lot of the recipes on this site:


  • Raw broccoli salad, as well as Ensaladilla (Spanish potato salad- must post this recipe!!) and spanish potato omelette and a few other things- we had Spanish friends for lunch.  🙂
  • Lentil stew (this one had chorizo in though!)
  • Also, as a sidenote- copious amounts of toasted sunflower seeds as mentioned in this post
  • Chocolate-cherry spelt muffins (Not a recipe on here, but it was my spontaneous creation for monday Treats and I am making the point that frozen fruit can be useful in many contexts!)



  • Lentils for tea (Had some frozen)- am going to try a new almost-wholewheat ciabatta recipe later
  • Breakfast worthy banana bread in the oven  (sidenote- it is fat free, because we had no mild tasting oil, and the texture looks great! I added raisins)
  • Banana slices in the freezer for banana soft serve (yes- we have a lot of ripe bananas), and I would have done some banana pops but I didn’t have any lolly sticks
  • Amelia constantly helping herself to the easiest ice lollies in the world (one of my very first blog posts)

And with that- I wish you a great day. Remember, the sun IS always shining….


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