Happy Monday, it’s another random list of 10 things…….

For want  of a recipe, thoughtful muse, or link to an interesting article by someone who knows more than me, here is a brief list of 10 random items, vaguely connected to eating well, leaves, and my love thereof.

1. I have been blogging for over a year now. I missed my “birthday”, which I suppose I  am happy about, as I was clearly busy with other more important things. But thanks for reading y’all.  🙂

2. Today I had views from the UK ,Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, Peru, Italy, Kenya, Jordan.Yesterday it was read in the UK, USA, Australia, Finland and Canada. The amazing internet!! I was quite astonished.

3.I am addicted to Cosy Almond Oats, and love having alomnd extract in my kitchen. By the way fresh almonds are extremely rich in Magnesium. When there is enough magnesium around, veins and arteries breathe a sigh of relief and relax, improving the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients around the body.

4. We did a cute thing with the watermelon on fathers Day- each plate had a beautiful round, thick slice, with a heart cut out of the centre, and a smaller water melon heart in the hole. I am always delighted at the beauty of a watermelon, the green, the red, and the black seeds. Because nature intended fruit to have seeds. Fruit was never meant to be impotent, for want of a better word.  🙂

5. The fam had spaghetti bolognese the other day. They all love it. I have to say, I hardly ever do them red meat, and they don’t seem to miss it, but here is why: Just washing up the dishes afterwards makes me heave!! Seriously, I try to make the blog more of an appreciation of good wholesome foods than demonizing less than great foods, but I have to say it- every time I see hardened animal fat, and I see my scourer after the pan is washed up, I just realise why I don’t want that stuff building up inside my/our arteries and around my/our organs. I had chickpeas. That is all.

6.If I was in Spain right now, I would be eating fresh local figs, massive (local) picota cherries, local peaches such as I never see in this country for flavour and size, gorgeous local watermelon…….I am glad I live in Wales, even in the rain….but sad that when we go to Spain (September) we will have missed the best of the harvest.

7. Ellie came into the kitchen. “Got any frozen grapes?” (Me: No, shall I buy some, and freeze them?)  “Yes please. Got any frozen cherries?”  (Me: A few….)  “Frozen blueberries?” (Me: sorry, not right now) “mmmm….what about some frozen raspberries, thawed under the tap, yes please!”…..pause….but my favourite thing of all is…(rummages…..I have my back to her….)

……frozen DRIPS!

Me: Frozen what?

Ellie: Frozen drips.

(repeat question/answer 2 more times) When I finally look she is breaking off miniscule frozen drips from the bottom of the freezer drawer and crunching happily away. ……  Sigh….what to do with this girl?!  😀  *Hurriedly makes shopping list*

8.  Pick your own season has begun!

9. It’s about to rain again.  Shame I didn’t plant anything this year….again……..

10. Due to complicated circumstances, our bees did not join us this year (frankly, fortunately, as I doubt they would have been able to even get out with all this rain and freezing weather)  In the absence of quality unpasteurised honey, we are still enjoying our substantial haul of of £1 organic maple syrups. I will be beyond sad when it ends and doubt I will ever be capable of paying for full priced syrup again….


That makes ten.

Have a great week!



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