Worshipping at the Alter of Chia seeds (continued)

Busy busy busy. But “never” too busy for some brief plant-food homage, which today is directed at my dear friends the ickle chia seeds, which I posted about a few posts ago.

People who sell Chia tend to wax lyrical about how much energy it will give you. I generally distrust claims that the consumption one food in particular will keep you energised all day long (and so should you!)- physical energy is a combination of many things: what you eat and drink (plenty of unprocessed (and raw) Green Food and water), and what you don’t eat and drink (Beige Food and Beige drinks), exercise, clean air, sufficient sleep, managing stress levels and so on. However, that said, it IS an amazing plant-food, and is PACKED with soluble AND insoluble fibre, so eating them regularly does help to prevent diverticulitis (resulting from years of  constipation)  They also have a spectacular array of Green goodness which I am in too much of a hurry to document.

Because this is a brief worship, and I have already told you how to consume these seeds  raw in drinks and cereals, I am pointing you to a link about BAKING with your Chia gel. It can be used in baking to half the amount of fat you use, and I see on this web-page I am sending you to that there is a free cook-book- hurrah!

So without further ado, if you wish to bake with your chia seeds, Folllow this link to My Chia Seeds website




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