Oh the joys! Blueberry Smoothie

Sometimes you just need to stop, breathe and delight in the little things. Like berries that are dark blue


which become a vibrant purple when blended:


For heavens sakes. Too pretty for this earth! I have never actually made a smoothie JUST of blueberries and “millk” so I have only ever seen this beautiful colour on TV  on my Google Images search results. Thankfully, Spanish blueberries are on £1 a punnet in several supermarkets, and frankly I shall be treating myself to a purple drink this week. 

I signed up to a blog a while ago- it is called “The Vegan Chickpea” and naturally I simply had no choice but to subscribe, with a splendid name like that. Her latest post consists of a blueberry smoothie which consists of  BLUEBERRIES (1 cup of frozen berries) BANANA (1/2 cup frozen slices) ALMOND MILK (1 cup?) and a heaping (or “heaped” if you are British) tablespoon of peanut butter. Still not sure about the peanut butter and blueberries, but  I think I will try bananas and blueberries out. A little perplexed that her purple is so different:


(Hello over-sized photo?! I cannot get it smaller.)

Perhaps it is the lighting. In any case, it looks beautiful. 

Make yourself a smoothie today. Go on!


PS Cooking blueberries destroys their anthocyanins  (a type of antioxidant) To quote wikipedia: “On a molecular level, berry anthocyanins were shown to turn off genes involved with tumor proliferation, inflammation and angiogenesis” (yes, I had to look that last one up too)  I am so in awe of plant-foods. The love affair deepens.



3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Angela Stone on June 29, 2012 at 10:54 pm

    Add the nut butter. Almond tastes better than peanut in my opinion. Yum!


  2. What I want to know is where I can buy Spanish blueberries, as I have never seen them in any fruit shop! It’s ok though, in the states I know they’ll have them, and I’ll be there soon 😀 Do you think frozen blueberries would have the same color when blended?


    • I never saw them anywhere either. Yet all the (fresh) blueberries I buy here are Spanish. I guess they are just not in the habit of eating them? I did a recipe (banana blueberry softserve) with frozen ones, and it wasn’t as purple as that but also, I didn’t use as many berries as they suggested. Anyway- soon you will be in the land of the blueberry!


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