Here I am, free-loading other peoples recipes again…

….though as a general rule, bloggers don’t mind that, when credit is given. And it’s continuing on the purple theme from the other day. I will be brief, because I am busy with other projects of a pressing nature (no, really!)

Here’s a little eye-candy for ya…..

Source: (Click photo to be taken to recipe)

Digging that colour again, leaf-loving friends!  I still have not done a purple concoction this week, I shall, by jove, I shall!

This ice-cream recipe is made WITHOUT  an ice-cream maker, and the creaminess comes from (you’ve guessed it-)frozen bananas! It has a “secret ingredient” which I am still not sure I will add- Gena (the blog writer) has some rather unnusual ingredient combinations on occasion which apparently work (though I have to say, I have not tried any of them…)  Follow this link for the recipe for an almost-fat-free, nutrient dense purple ice cream!

Gogettit! It’s the 4th of July tomorrow. Go grab yourself a blue ice-cream!

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