Poor ickle blog

Poor neglected wee corner of cyberspace….. I have too many things in the real world right now, but that’s fine…just by way of checking in, some cheeky bullet points. Just three mind you.

  • Made a purple drink as per the two previous posts…well it was some purple ice cream actually. I used half the amount of blueberries in the recipe because I didnt want to be selfish with the Family Frozen Blueberry Stash, lest my daughter have to resoirt to eating drips (as mentioned here) I was a little disappointed with the lack of vibrance, compared to the photo’s, but it’s all in the name of austerity (very relatively..!) Still, the eyes can provide as much as a feast sometimes, enjoy this post!
  • Our (somewhat-abandoned)green smoothie this morning was melon+apple+water+spinach. Sweetheavenabove!!!  I forgot how good melon green smoothies are! A £1 melon + 1-2 apples and a bit of water makes a huge blender goblet. Don’t forget the greens!!
  • I am reading a dissertation for someone (for money,not love) and it’s all about small businesses that dry fruits and vegetables in Tanzania. Only I am saying it more simply than the author says it. It reminded me how much my children LOVE dried mangoes and I took a moment to ponder on the source of our food. Real people tending their mangoes, suffering substantial losses sometimes. Local entrepreneurs (most of which are “need-driven” as the author calls them) travelling to visit their farmers, training them in organic farming, struggling with old equipment in the early days, sourcing out a reliable buyer…..UK supermarkets are some of the most reliable buyers for this market (wonder what prices they pay?!) and one of the firms the author visits supplies a major UK company that sells organic dried mangoes. I had a moment of perspective. How easy it is to feel hard done-by, and how lucky we are, so prosperous in material terms, in the West.

That makes three bullet points, which means it’s bath time.


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