Fresh turmeric roots!

Cannot believe I found these gorgeous little things in a high street supermarket (Morrisons) for crying out loud! My husband has taken the camera so this is a photo from a blog called Abigail’s Herbs (click here to visit blog) They are so weeny that you can buy a little handful for about 30p. Of course I had to eat one, and discovered, it tastes of turmeric. Who would have thought it…..They seemed really crisp and fresh, as a root should be. The colour really was that wonderful golden orange. I am pondering what to do with my tiny roots.

I use turmeric powder to colour our paellas yellow, because saffron is expensive, and I don’t fancy using the pot of bright orange E-number powder that most Spaniards use.It stains terribly. Oh yes, and because it’s a bright orange chemical that happens to be banned in this country. (I knew there was another reason)

Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory, and like so many other plant foods, retards the growth of cancerous cells in lab tests. To be sure, we do not usually use it in quantities large enough to enjoy it’s healing powers on a grand scale.Luckily, all of it’s other plant brothers and sisters are so ridiculously well endowed with goodness and healing powers. I simply do not know the names of all these powerful phytochemicals, or even a fraction of what they do. I do know that they are there, and that they are powerful. They are our friends. Our secret weapon. Sometimes, to some people, too secret  🙂

You may not consume much turmeric in one sitting, but cherries are also a powerful anti-inflammatory. So are all berries. Apples too. Red onion.Broccoli. Papaya.Sweet potatoes. Omega 3 (so, oily fish, and more pertinent to this website- golden linseeds and chia seeds, rich in Omega 3 also)  These foods are so wonderful and nourish on every level. They look gorgeous. They make us feel happy looking at their colours. They represent the circle of life and remind of us our absolute dependence on sunlight and water.In short, they feed every part of us. (I have never hugged a tree, but metaphorically, I hug them daily, and think you should too!)

Try to do everything you can to base your diet mainly around these plant-friends: fruits, leaves, roots and tubers,  and leaves,  beans, pulses, and unrefined grains. If you’re off track, try again.  Your body, mind, and soul will truly be nourished. I can attest to that fact.

With love, signing off   ……


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  1. Posted by michael dockrill on July 8, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    Well done, Beth… I learn something new from you every time…..


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