Surprise sprouts, green sheep, and WOW, look at this flower!

I found 3 teeny tiny chia seeds sprouting on the top of the scourer. This is not the kind of thing you want to admit publicly even via a blog. I just re-read that phrase a few times wondering what people might visualise.  Although it sounds like it may be akin to a scourer “growing legs”, it’s not quite. The 3 previously soaked chia has somehow got caught in the scourer after washing the glass that had chia gel in. The next morning I found them with a tiny tail each. You cute little things!! I could just squeeze ’em! I changed the scourer by the way- not because sprouts are dirty though……

Chia first became “famous” in the US because it was marketed as CHIA pets

You watered your pet, and the chia seeds inside, quickly sprouted and you ended up with a green sheep. The healthiest and most compassionate way to eat a sheep! These “micro-greens” of chia are highly nutritious though it’s only recently become more well-known.

Anyway my slightly random point was, as I contemplated my ickle sprouting chia seeds, I once again, had “a moment”. I have them once in a while, and normally when I contemplete sprouting seeds or plants growing in the garden (especially edible ones) Seeds look so cold, hard and lifeless. You could grind chia seeds to a grey powder and never know what they could become given the right conditions. And all it needed was some water and light. That is all. And while those seeds, once soaked, and “awake” are very good for you (a complete protein, as well)- it is when they sprout and grow and get their own leaves to soak up sunlight to make their “own” food, that they go off the chart nutritious. Amazing. And then, left even longer, they produce these amazing flowers:

Just stunning. Who would have thought that the tiny black grey seed  under the right conditions, could become that??!! And so the flower produces seeds of itself and so the cycle continues. Perfection.

I have not sprouted anything for quite a long time; just wanted to share that moment.

Loving leaves, seeds and everything green. And of a consequence, I guess I must also love the rain. Sigh…..   🙂


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  1. Posted by michael dockrill on July 13, 2012 at 5:02 pm

    Stunning indeed, Beth!


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