“Eat Well. Feel uplifted”

Beautiful summer days, my three lovely children on summer hols and potty training are keeping me happy, happy and busy, and tearing my hair out, respectively.

Hence the lack of posts. Just checking in with a slogan that is now printed on the Alpro Soya Yogurts.

“Eat Well. Feel uplifted”


If you are a regular reader, (howdy!) you will know I touch on this quite frequently.

If you have experienced it, you will understand. If you think it is utter balderdash, I guess it is because you haven’t experienced it yet, and I invite you to do so!*


*I am not saying Alpro Soya yogurts necessarily fall into the category of foods that “uplift”….but I love the slogan. I think it’s true.


PS  Today I got some almond pulp out of the freezer and made this wonderful wonderful dip. It has been many a long month since I have enjoyed it, and I enjoyed it so much, I shall be making a batch of almond milk tomorrow morning purely for the enjoyment of some more of the dip another day soon. I seriously reduced the amount of  Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and it was still very moist and tasty.


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