“Weight Loss tips” LINK, and Blueberry oat squares on the To Do list

Passing through…..and linking to something that was sent to me by a raw plant loving mother……

Here is the link: 10 weight loss tips for busy Mums, or indeed dads, or indeed busy people


Meanwhile, back in my kitchen…time to re-centre myself and be creative with the resources I have……..Thanks to my sister I have THE coolest recipe book called “Let them eat Vegan” by Dreena Burton .My brother in law eats vegan, and my sister in law is a very conscious meat eater (very rarely) and she also happens to have planted a huge organic veggie patch this year which is bestowing a bountiful harvest…Anyway. I don’t have a vegetable patch but I do have 3 massive broccoli heads (20p each on the reduced shelf) I also have frozen blueberries and oats in my cupboard so today I am going to do a little baking from the book, and report back. While I am not sure if I should really post the whole recipe, I will certainly give some tips and pointers for more “plant-powered ” baking. Here is the authors website by the way: Plant Powered Kitchen.


A chickpea and veggie stew on the hob. I shall make some Baby Spelt rolls while the kids play with their friend.

Who knew that centering ones kitchen was so simple? You just have to decide to do it again, and do it.



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