T*fu Revisited

It’s that four letter word again.

No really though, I made a discovery and it made a HUGE difference.

I can hardly wait to share it and I feel sure you can hardly wait to hear it.

So here’s the thing. This is what I always do when I buy tofu. I buy a pack from the refrigerated section in Tesco. It looks like this:

It costs £2 and you cut it up into 1/4’s , and a 1 person portion is  1/4 of a block. So anyway, I normally cut it up in portions, freeze it, and thaw it when I need it,  because that’s what “everyone” says to do, it helps release all the liquid, as tofu has a LOT of liquid in it.

That’s what I was doing wrong. That is what you should do if you want it firm, like if you want to chop it in pieces and marinade it.  But for a cheeky tofu scramble, you want creaminess, you want the moisture.

When I did a tofu scramble the first time, it was decidedly mediocre, and while it had potential, I couldn’t understand why “everyone” was loving it so much. Probably because it was a different set of “everyones” to those that freeze their tofu before use…. If you look at the photo from the original post, you will see  how dry it is. It wasn’t great, and as a substitute for scrambled eggs (which I LOVE) it was bordering on pitiful. Anyway, so I decided to try again as I have some more of  bean-curd (eeew…sorry…but that’s what it is!) This time I just did it straight from the fridge.

1 splash of tamari (wheat-free soy sauce), 1 small squeeze of tomato puree, and 1 tablespoon (possibly?) of nutritional yeast (how could I live without this stuff?)

Wow. Now there’s an improvement! Great flavour, and very moist and creamy (as scrambled eggs should be) Mine didn’t have any veggies in. I am just imagining if you wanted to saute some onions and red pepper or mushrooms in there, and some pre-steamed kale, it would be pretty darned good.

Result. Next time I shall take a picture.


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