Cooked ‘n’ raw

My regular exception to fried food is tortilla de patatas– Spanish potato omelette.Potatoes and onions, gently fried till soft-but-not-crispy, generously salted, and then drained, mixed with beaten egg, re-seasoned if needbe, and slowly re-cooked…yes…re-FRIED (though this time you can go “oil-free” in a non stick pan…I am sure you know why I have put “oil free” in inverted commas!)   It’s no heart-friendly meal- as I pointed out to my friend who complained how much salt I used the first time she saw me make it. It is a pain in the proverbial to make, but worth it.

However, when I eat it, I always enjoy it with a huge green dish- a salad of some variety. While I have had plenty of “cosy” suppers while in Spain years back of tortilla de patatas and chicken, in recent times, I enjoy it far more with something fresh, raw and crunchy. 

Balancing some heavier, less healthy options with a big raw salad is a great transition tip (with tortilla de patatas, I am still transitioning…and may be doing so forever!) Here’s why (I’m glad you asked)

  • You will probably eat less of the stodge
  • Even if you don’t you will have eaten some delicious raw produce.
  • An all cooked meal can weigh very heavy in your stomach soon after, unless you have been very circumspect in your portion sizing (which is quite difficult for most of us when hungry) A jacket potato with a large salad feels VERY different to the same potato with chili or beans and cheese.Makes you so sleepy!


This evening I will be enjoying a piece of our tortilla with- (I’m glad you asked)- a broccoli salad, similar to this one. No cashew-soaking required. It’s the baby that was born subsequent to Broccoli salad Number One. I posted this recipe after one experimental lunch with Alfredo- I hope you like it. I have not followed the exact recipe since, I just kind of throw stuff in , but basically the dressing is kind of oriental- toasted sesame oil, tamari (soy sauce), white vinegar or lemon juice, some honey or maple, garlic, ginger, and cumin. Yum!!  I highly recommend it.

I also recommend the tortilla (even though it’s beige) but there is no way I am explaining the rigmarole. It’s not complex, but there are a not-a-few essential tips handed down from my parents-in-law, and I don’t have very long to write  this post. Try Youtube!

A challenge: centre-plate your salad today with a small cooked side-dishes, as opposed to the other way round.




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    I do apologize…x


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