Adapting in the absence of innovating

I have neglected my baby (this blog) of late. I hope you are all still loving leaves and investing in some self-care.

I just did the Blueberry Oat bars but with strawberries. I actually just kind of guessed quantities: I threw plenty of oats and spelt flour into a bowl with a pinch of salt and a small glug of oil. I then realised I had no maple syrup left (tragic! The end of my £1 a bottle haul. I won’t be seeing that in my kitchen for a while!) My honey had crystallised (can you see a pattern?) so I used some regular old brown sugar. I just taste tested it so it was sweet enough to get it past the kids but not sickly sweet. It was sweet enough with not too much sugar, I noted happily. Strawberries are sweeter than blueberries anyway so that helped reduce the need for too much sugar.

Meanwhile, in the original recipe, the base holds together when you press it into a tin (because of the syrup) but this did not….so I had to throw an egg in (#veganfail) I took some of the mixture out to crumble over the top before I added the egg.

I am without a camera so there is no “quality” photo as I sometimes like to add. Indeed, this post is somewhat lacking in quality.

But I hope it reminds you that there is easy, healthi(er) baking out there for your children, heck, and you. It was pretty delicious. Amelia clearly liked it, as she ate……let’s just say….quite a lot! Ellie loved it too when I finally convinced her to try it. Isaac said “I don’t like crumble Mum”. Alfredo said “Has that got sugar in? No thanks” (even though there was a cold pepperoni pizza in the fridge this morning! Just teasin’ ya honey….)


I hope to stop by here again soon. And now, we forage!

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