39 boxes of figs

The bargain Gods finally smiled upon me once again. 10p  for a box of 4 figs.

Yes, I did take all 39 boxes.

No, I don’t have a problem with that.

I have plenty of fig loving friends, and Ellie is in heaven. (me too!).

Also, shops tend to put in a box of 4, 2 that are ready and two that are less ripe. So we’re good for next weeks packed lunches Ellie. And the week after. Furthermore, they are small and moreish that you can never eat only 1 anyway. As for me, I am currently eating a delicious green salad with balsamic and chopped figs, feeling like a queen, quite frankly. Just what I needed, since Isaac has consciously decided to regress in his toilet habits, and YES, it is conscious.


Who says leaves and fruit can’t be comfort food?!


PS We have a dessert party later for our friends who are emigrating.  A  “Sorry you’re deserting us” party.

I am taking figs (that’s not a joke) and a slightly tweaked variation of the Chocolate Orange Raisin Pie on this blog that I am too lazy to link to because I want to make another salad before school run. I am also taking a choc chip and orange cake (relatively conventional) lest my daughters hate me. Happy weekend!


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