A funny thing happened last night.

My husband brought back fresh figs. Yes, that’s right.

You see, after gifting a hefty number of boxes (and eating plenty of them too) we still had about 8 or 9 boxes left of not-quite-ripe figs. This was mainly because people who love figs, or who tried one and discovered they love them, would then say “oh don’t give me more than one box! I won’t eat more than one a day” (I guess I am a fruit glutton…so there I am foisting them lovingly…)So anyway, I had the remainder ripening in a cupboard and he thought his fig-loving wife and daughter had run out of figs, and he saw them for 25p a box and thought we would be pleased.

Which of course, I am.

But now, I have to get creative.

I have to confess I hadn’t thought of using them in smoothies, so that was my first task.

One recipe recommended banana, figs, soy milk and cardamon- and that is what I did for Alfredo (minus the cardamon) He liked it, but it was a bit weird for me, I generally like banana in a creamy context all by itself.  Here it is though- LOVELY colour!

okay, the colour was WAY lovelier in real life. Guess it’s my photography “skills”


I made myself and Isaac  one with 4 fresh figs, 4 frozen-thawed strawberries, an apple and 1/2 cup of water. Thick, but DELICIOUS.

I think I will freeze some in chunks for smoothies. However, I now fully intend to use the rest in a wintery context, like make some sort of sweet and sticky compote to go on oats in the morning as I am seriously needing warmth in the mornings at the moment. And maybe some baking. Watch this space.


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  1. Posted by Bevie on September 25, 2012 at 9:42 am

    We had a black fig tree growing up. I didn’t appreciate them back then because they were so plentiful but I got married, moved away and the tree died. I haven’t had a proper black fig for over 20 years 😦 The green ones occasionally are in the shops and they are really expensive at about 3 Aus dollars (about 2GBP) for one fig 😦


    • oh WOW. That really is crazy. My father -in-law has a fig tree (green) in Spain, but when we got there they were not ripe. I was really sad as I had not had a fig this year. Until this week, haha! Still, being in Australia, I am sure you enjoy other year-round tropical bounties locally in a way I can’t. Thanks for the comment! 🙂


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