Pitta, pitta, pitta

That is what my friend who is an ayurvedic practitioner told me when I asked what my dosha was, according to Ayurvedic tradition.

This tradition identifies your constitution/digestion according to to your percentage make-up of the three different doshas: kapha, vata and pitta  , and there are diet recommendations accordingly. (Sorry, I do not know enough about this to say much more)

Patricia she said I was a pitta. Ayurvedic tradition encourages paying attention to the seasons and eating more cooked food in cold weather for example, and encourages drinking herbal teas over cold water or juices.

All of this slightly random information to say, that I was thinking of Patricia this morning as I took some of my fig abundance and I stewed them with some apple, a peach, fresh pineapple, dates, and dried apricots.

I am not much of a stewed fruit eater, I generally just prefer it as it is.

And yet….WOW. That was just what I needed on a cold morning. Not a bit of sugar needed; some cinnamon might have been lovely too.


Such a cosy breakfast for a cold day, and kept me full all morning. Alfredo loved it too. The children did not deign to try it (it did look rather….brown?)


If the cold is kicking in, try stewing some fruit sometimes. Delicious eaten alone, or on oats. Or with a healthy crumble topping. Fantastic!


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