Passing through…..

Last year I did this for Halloween dinner:


It is noodles with Avocado sauce which I managed to sneak spinach into by whizzing it into the chopper, masking any flavour with a couple of pinches of nutritional yeast. Makes me think my efforts have sort pf gone a bit down hill this last year…..Never mind….I will just start building up better habits again, in this and many other areas. It’s all a journey, right?! This year they have a friend over before Halloween activities so I might do a buffet and make up geeky themed names for all the food, because I mentioned in the post last year I love a theme once in a while, and so do they.

In fact, it is Monday the 29th, and Ellie is dressed as a skeleton, and Amelia is in a black dress with her rather cool Purple witches spiders-web-design hat (Thank you Poundland!)

I am busy with my yoga teacher training course right now, and I am loving it. In fact I have been revisiting this blog frequently for my lunch contributions, including Broccoli salad, Smoky Walnut pate, Almond “cheese”, Banana bread, sweet baby spelt rolls done with cinnamon, orange zest and a tiny bit of extra sugar, and I also may have taken my juicer and blender on the intensive week and made green smoothies and juices a couple of times at the studio. I think everyone enjoyed them.

Isaac is asleep so it is time to get busy… recipe….but in closing…a funny line from Isaac…….We roasted chestnuts yesterday. Bit of a family tradition at this time of year. Isaac saw them on the table and decided to let me know.


“Muuuu-uuuum. The conkers are weddy!!”





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