I once read this article entitled “Monkeys sometimes fall out of trees”. Apparently it is true. …..The point of the article was, when  you embrace a healthy vibrant way of eating and you connect with that, and feel great on it, and then you fall back into old habits on occasion, there is no need to beat yourself up (we all knew that, right?) It happens.

Just recognise that you still know which way of eating gives you most energy (and I don’t just mean physical energy), and climb back up your tree, so to speak. The thing about elevated consciousness is that once you find a way that makes you happier or feel better, you can never go back. I mean, you will fall out of your tree sometimes, because even monkeys do that…but you will always be aware there is a better way for you, and feel a little tug to return to your roots….and leaves. Etcetera…..

I will ever be green, even when I fall out of trees. Because even though I enjoy the taste of certain foods- and that is fine- I can always connect to the different way it makes me feel. For me it is generally physical, I guess I am quite lucky, because I am a slow learner and my body almost always objects if I feed it certain foods. You know, beige stuff….

We are about to enter a season of indulgence. Remember you can still indulge and enjoy eating , without eating until you actually have physical pains, a strange habit us Western humans have, collectively around this time of year…..There are plenty of alternatives….and if not an alternative, you can still enjoy the flavour of your favourite treats in moderate amounts.

Oh dear, this sounds like a sermon, and I do try not to sermonize on here!  Rest assured I can still remember two Christmases ago when I just thought “whatever”, and really paid the price for it. That’s just me….I think I am sermonizing to myself more than anything so I don’t get ill…..  I have been busy creating all sorts of freezer goodies of the alternative kind, and of the more-conventional-but-home-made kind for those who will not want my alternatives (I know! I find it shocking too)


At the end of the day enjoy the time with your loved ones, and count our many, many many blessings and privileges. I will try to update more often now.

PS For those of you who love juices, smoothies, alternative goodies and so on, like me (I WILL be having Russell James’ Amazing Mince Pies this year, they are amazing!) Sign up here for 12 amazing FREE e-books starting this Friday. Merry Christmas!




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