Top Loving Leaves moments of the Festive season

1. Gift  from my vegetable-loving sister

2.Gift to my children from my vegetable-loving sister

funky veg

HOW excited am I to plant purple carrots this year???!!!! (Also includes rainbow Chard (yay!) Purple Brussel Sprouts, Stripey tomatoes and yellow courgettes.

I once wrote a “Purple” post  . Not so much write as Google Image cut and paste…..

which is when I discovered purple carrots and when I KNEW I just HAD to plant those one day! Thank you Hannah!

3.Eating these for Christmas breakfast with an awesome juice (apple, orange, lime and ginger, with carbonated water)

raw food mince pie recipe

4.Managing to get the kids to have an apple, orange and strawberry juice before they had these:


Yes, there were chocolate and churros on the Christmas menu, and we are in Wales. I thank you…..

5. I braved the supermarkets on Christmas Eve. Not on purpose, but we forgot foil or something like that…..

I found 5 boxes of bright red strawberries for 39p each, and of course,

in the true Christmas spirit of goodwill to all men, I only took one box I bought all of them.

(See “Apple, orange and strawberry juice”) They tasted AMAZING, unlike most winter strawberries, and they were from the UK, so a carbon footprint success! 🙂

6.Russell James’ AMAZING “Caramelised Onion” gravy that I had atop my Christmas dinner (I ate vegan) He is an amazing raw food creator and he sells his e-books here and he SO generously has a sliding scale if you really cannot afford the higher price. Things like that should be shared!!

7. Reminding myself that you CAN eat healthily and feel decadent and have a taste-sensational experience. Even though I did also have some fudge, because it was grainy like my Mum’s and nobody makes it like that anymore  😉

8.Hauling TONS of gorgeous UK apples for 7p a bag last night. I knew they were good because you could smell them through the bag! I made a big pot of apple puree this morning with 1 of the bags and the kids ate it (unsweetened!!) with gusto. I felt somewhat flabbergasted but rather joyful!

9.I feel rough today, my nose and eyes are streaming. This is not a “top moment” but having lots of apples for pureed cinnamon apples, and celery and lime to go with the apples in juices, IS a great moment for a leaf-loving (blocked-up) blogger.

10.Discovering I like miso soup. I also have my sister to thank for this! I will write about it soon. No, REALLY.

Almost a new year.  A perfect time to turn over a new leaf with your self-care habits! 🙂 Always remembering that every day is also a fresh start, and indeed, each moment.

Happy New Year from Loving Leaves



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