Link: Coconuttish Rice

Smoothie success: When your 3 year old tries to sneak his sister’s smoothie as well as his own.

Smoothie “fail”:When his sister is delighted!

To point out…it was delicious. I mean, kid-delicious, because we all know they have more selective palates- mine do anyway! She often detects strange ingredients in things that have gone nowhere near it, like the other day as she drank her smoothie- (pulling a face)  “Does this have coconut in??!”  (Not so much as a whiff- they “hate” coconut)

Or when I made a particular soup which tasted “garlickish” according to Ellie.

But then she surprises you. Like when she asked for a salad for breakfast, begged for raw cauliflower as a supermarket snack (just the once ,mind. Follow this link for the story) or like when she said “What can I have for dessert?” Me, absent-mindedly- “I don’t know”


I KNOW!!! I have a GREAT idea of something I LOVE, AND, it’s HEALTHY. ….Frozen peas!!!

She ummed and made noises as she ate her frozen peas, which by the way she “hates” cooked.

She asked for more.


But because I do not have a proper post, but I still love my blog, because it’s my baby, and I want to update from time to time, I am pointing you to THIS delicious recipe that I have posted previously. It’s healthy, filling, hearty, easy, and cheap. I have enjoyed it a few times of late in this cold weather. Only me, mind.

Because it’s coconuttish.

But it’s delicious. 🙂


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