“Sticky date and Orange(unconventional) muffins”

So I found these little gems in a cupcake/muffin recipe book I had, boasting “These little delights are packed full of goodness”. What? How did I miss this before?!

I hurriedly flipped the photo over to discover a date-based, highly unconventional recipe- huzzah! Right up my alley! It has been a long time since I have done less-traditional muffins. I do tweak my baking to make them less sickly-sweet and all-or-mainly wholegrain, dairy-free etc and it is still enjoyed by 2/3 of the kids (the third doesn’t like cake anyway).

The last time I experimented with date-sweetened muffins, I posted them here, but I have to say I was impressed with how simple this was. Way simpler than mine, though less cake-like in consistency compared to mine. 5 ingredients including lemon zest? Sounds good!

The photo is a bit deceitful to say the least. If you look carefully these are 100% without a doubt, regular white flour cupcakes with a glaze on it. A date-based wholemeal flour cupcake does NOT come out white. Never mind….this is your photo people, as I forgot to photograph ours, and my husband has taken them on an overnight trip. 🙂

Kind of oil heavy if you bear in mind this makes only 6 cupcakes. Never mind. Definitely a recipe I will be working with again. Will the kids eat them? I doubt it……Isaac might. 🙂

  • 75grams (1/2 cup) of pitted dates
  • 85 mls (1/3 cup) water
  • 85 mls (1/3 cup) fresh orange juice
  • 85 mls (1/3 cup) sunflower or other vegetable oil
  • 225 grams (1  and 3/4 cups) self-raising wholewheat flour
  • Zest of 1 lemon

AAAAH so THATS why! I just realised I only put in 1/3 cup of flour- in my head all the ingredients were equal quantities!  🙂  Nevertheless they were very good!

1. Cook the dates and water together till soft, and mask or whizz into a paste. If you already have date paste, well- hooray! Though I did not notice how much paste comes out of 1/2 a cup of dates.

2.Whizz or mix together the date paste, orange juice, oil, lemon zest and sift in the flour.

3.Break the dough into 8-9 balls (this also explains why mine only made 6 and why I could not “break” the dough, rather I dolloped it into muffin cases……)

4. Cook at 180 for about 15-18 minutes.

5. Meanwhile make a topping of 2Tablespoons of honey, 1 T water and 1T fresh orange juice. Heat gently until thickened

6.Once the muffins come out, top with the glaze and leave to cool.



Recipe from THIS BOOK.


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