Home-made peanut butter (in under 5 minutes)

I cannot understand why anyone would spend such vast amounts of money on fancy nut butters (cashew/almond) if they have their own food processor (or its baby sibling- The Mini Chopper- yes, it has been capitalised)

It is SO easy, so quick, a fraction of the cost of buying a jar, and no nasties!! No added palm oil, no sugar, no Weird Stuff, no salt (if you do not wish for it) In my “spreads section” here I have cashew nut butter (absolute favourite), pistachio nut butter, and Home-made nutella.

I also recently made roasted almond nut butter and used it to make home made almond toffee (posted here) The other day I made RAW almond butter in record time- less than 8 minutes!! Normally unroasted nuts take longer to release the oils….. still under the influence of my almond butter success,  my husband and I set to peeling monkey nuts. The “Under 5 minutes” does not include this therapeutic long, labrorious task, though made pleasant because I loved chatting to my nut-shelling partner.

There is nothing difficult in making nut butter. Take your nuts, unroasted or roasted as you prefer, and food process until they release the oils. That is all!

Just remember-

  • Leave your food processor to rest for a minute if it heats up
  • Scrape down the sides if need-be.
  • Add salt at any point but if you are adding LIQUID sweetener (maple, honey etc) do not add this until it is completely buttered-up.






at 2 minutes...

at 2 minutes…


at 3 minutes 30 second. I added 1/8 t salt

at 3 minutes 30 second. I added 1/8 t salt

Spread on mini spelt roll with St Dalfour Strawberry jam. Happy husband...

Spread on mini spelt roll with St Dalfour Strawberry jam. Happy husband…


So there you have it!!  What nut butter will you make first?


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by michael dockrill on March 24, 2013 at 5:45 pm

    quite astonishing, Beth! and very yummy-looking!
    Mum xx


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