Whole-grain low-sugar orange and berry muffins





This is not one of my creations, so I am linking to Peas and Thank You for the recipe.

Suffice it to say:

  • They are wholegrain (Oat flour (which is just ground oats) and wholewheat flour)
  • Low in sugar. It calls for 2T of maple syrup or honey. I used sugar, as I have no maple syrup and honey burns very quickly.From a blood sugar point of view there is no difference to using sugar than using honey or maple (yes, I know it “feels” healthier”, but there is 2T in 10 cakes. Not bad)
  • I used a whole peeled orange instead of 3/4 cup of juice. Extra fibre, and easier. 🙂
  • I put all the ingredients in the blender. I didn’t even bother grinding oat flour, I just threw in rolled oats.


Conclusion from a cake loving 9 year old- “They could be a LITTLE sweeter but pretty nice!”

We concluded we would put strawberry pieces all the way through rather than just on top to make them sweeter. (Tesco has frozen strawberries at 50p a box at the moment!)


Loving leaves. And healthier cakes.


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