Delicious black bean dip


This is not my photo. (How did you know?) Neither is it my recipe. (see the pattern?) It comes from Two Peas and their Pod and I am posting it because I ate a very similar dip for lunch today, with raw vegetables, and it is absolutely DE-licious!

Black beans, whizzed with cumin, salt, smoked paprika…they also add lime juice and cilantro (coriander leaf) which in my book makes it perfect. Next time I shall add these. Mine also had some cooked quinoa whizzed in there, extra protein…although I wasn’t thinking of the protein, I was just using up endy-bits in the store cupboard.

When I have established a great recipe, I shall post it here.

Meanwhile, always remember,  grey foods need love too, and this tastes delicious.

A protein-packed healthy dips using cooked beans, a little healthy fat and herbs and spices. The opportunities for flavours are endless (just check out the hummous market!)

Invent yourself a healthy dip and feed-back. 🙂


That’s all we have time for today folks…..

Happy Thursday!



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