Oh.My.Heaven: Home-made coconut butter

It’s no secret to you if you read this blog that I am in love with my mini chopper.

Nor will it have passed you unnoticed, if you read this blog that I love making home-made nut butters in it. I have made cashew, almond, peanut, pistachio, hazelnut (hello home-made Nutella!), Brazil, macadamia, sunflower seed. I think that pretty much has most of them covered!

The things to bear in mind when you make nut butters are the following:

  • The nuts must be dry.
  • You do NOT need to pre-roast your nuts before processing into butter.
  • However, pre-toasting them (in a non stick pan) makes the process quicker. This may be useful with almonds that tend to take a bit longer.
  • Toasting them gives a different flavour obviously. Raw almond butter is creamier, the roasted kind is -not suprisingly, “toastier” tasting.
  • All you need to do is food process them until they release their oils- that’s all!
  • I fibbed…sometimes you need to open up the mini chopper and give it a stir if it is stuck on the sides.
  • Add any liquid sweeteners (honey , maple etc) AT THE END or it will never work.
  • PS Unroasted sunflower seeds make a grey nut butter, but I have often said that grey foods need love too. 🙂 (Hello chia! Hey mushrooms! )
  • If you are losing patience towards the end you can droozle in a small amount of a neutral tasting oil to get a slicker more spreadable butter.

I am so excited to announce (as per the title) that I have now done COCONUT BUTTER!!!!


Simply throw in 200grams of dessicated coconut and whizz whizz whizz!  It took under 5 minutes!


Go for UNsweetened desiccated coconut, free from preservatives. I noticed the organic version costs almost the same as the other kind, hurrah! Coconut is SO sweet, I cannot believe they sweeten it! Kind of like putting glucose syrups on dates….??!!

What is the difference between coconut butter and coconut oil?

I have often used coconut oil to make “alternative chocolate”, also known as green chocolate on here . 🙂 I have not had any in my store cupboard for a little while.

Coconut butter contains the FLESH as well as the OIL. As such, it is SWEETER but also thicker. It may not work for making silky chocolate but I will be experimenting  with this shortly, watch this space!!

(I may take a while, so maybe, don’t sit and watch the space literally……but I promise I will return!)

What nut butter will you be making today??

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  1. Wow! You never cease to amaze me! X


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