We interrupt this Coconut Butter Fest for a Chia Pudding

I am happy to be the owner of a huge bag of chia seeds at the moment. They do not always feature in my store cupboard as they are not cheap but that said,  a little goes a VERY long way.

They are VERY filling, contain all the Essential Amino Acids (read- COMPLETE PROTEIN- HURRAY!) and are generally uber-nutritious, and versatile.

Left in liquid, the seeds soak up huge amounts of said liquid, rendering themselves into a slightly dubious-looking (but tasteless) gel, not unlike frogspawn. (I wish I could whisper that part)

So for example, you whizz up an orange with 3 frozen strawbs, leave a tablespoon of chia in it overnight (stir very well to avoid clumping) and in the morning you have a “set” pudding. Slice some bananas on top and  maybe a cheeky sprinkle of dessicated coconut and hey presto!

You can also leave them in water, and add the gel to your smoothies or oats for an extra protein punch.

But today I am directing you to Dreena Burtons CHCOLATE COCONUT CHIA PUDDING. Made in 2 minutes flat in the blender and – wait for it- IT PASSED THE CHILD TEST!!!! (Although I think they would appreciate a little extra sweetness in order to devour a whole bowl…..She adds chocolate chips- I am sure this would help also…just an inkling…)

chia choc


It is delicious, easy and very filling. I am still very full after a small bowl (+1 banana) over 3 hours ago and I have been exercising and all sorts.

So here it is: Follow this link!

Happy creating!

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