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3rd Installment: Home-made Coconut Butter Creations

Technically this is the third installment as in “Part 1” I shared two different things I did with it.

This is a brief teaser- I made THIS:






Dreena Burton’s RAW LEMON-LIME CHEESECAKE WITH FRESH MANGO SAUCE. Yes, it IS as amazing as it sounds!

(Click the photo to visit her site)

I halved quantities…..The recipe is from one of her books and she gave me permission to share a few recipes from it, but this is one of her signature dessert\, and since she chose not to share the recipe on her Facebook page the other day, (she simply posted the photo and linked to the book) I think I had better leave you hanging! Go and buy her book! 🙂


In other (savoury) news, I have made a DEEE-licious WHITE bean dip, recipe soon!









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