I do not have a “diet label” (nor will I ever have one, I am sure) but I follow a mainly-plant-based diet. I don’t consume dairy products, and I may eat poultry or fish….like …. a few times a year. I feed my family with animal products pretty sparingly, and try to shape their little, precious, (oft-times-unwilling-to-be-shapened)  palates, little by little to love plant foods! 

In truth, I will always opt for plant foods over animal foods,  but doubt I will ever adopt a die-hard never-ever-eat-such-and-such-a-food attitude. I leave a small corner for flexibility, it’s good for my mental health 😉

However, this blog is a celebration of plants and their amazing properties, and you will find no animal products at all here. Nay, not even eggs. (No, wait….I use honey a LOT. But that’s it 🙂  )

I do not believe in “One Path” to health, but I do believe in  principles that should be followed to enjoy abundant health. Whether you agree or not, these are my guiding principles. I do not always live in total harmony with them, but I sure try.

  • Eat Mainly Plants; animal protein, if consumed, as a condiment to the diet rather than the foundation of most meals.
  • Eat plenty of RAW plant foods daily, including sprouts
  • Unrefined Grains
  • A good amount of healthy fat (avocados, nuts, seeds, coconuts, for example….. My mantra is: Good Fat Good. Bad fat bad.)
  • Drink water. Drink fresh juices.Drink fresh smoothies. Drink herbal teas.
  • Sugar, if at all, in moderation,and in more natural forms.
  • Avoid things which bear no resemblance to food (“edible foodlike substances”)

I firmly believe that our body houses an inner self, a spirit, a spark of divine…and although I do not understand exactly why, by caring for our body the best we possibly can, our spirit can tune in better to God and the universe. I have been known to get quite excited about this. Eat plants and feel the love 🙂

I am no foodie…. but I love experimenting….and I love sharing. I am not trying to “get people to eat a certain way”, but absolutely, would encourage everyone to make changes to move forward from where they are now. Eat more plants, eat more raw plants, eat less processed food and saturated fats, and ditch some of those crazy food/drink addictions.

You are SO worth it!!

Thanks for reading!

3 responses to this post.

  1. Hey Beth! I totally agree with your food philosophy. That is pretty much how I like to explain my own diet. Thanks for checking out my blog!


  2. Perfect! Perfect! Look forward to reading more of your recipies with glee!
    The changes I have made in my diet in this way have been extremely positive. I believe that nourishing our bodies with gentle natural foods tunes us to the immense and eternal power of the universe, it feels so right to go with as natural a diet as possible. My mind benefits from this as I feel a lot clearer and generally full of life!


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