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Apple and Cinnamon Breakfast Bowl

Man, it must be the freezing English “summer”, I just don’t want smoothies much at the moment. I have discovered the most gorgeous ever breakfast bowl, which has a whopping (estimated) 22 grams of fibre in!

22 grams of fibre before 9am is not too shabby an effort, and must surely win you some points with your digestion department. Not only digestion, however!  Soluble fibre in particular (found, among other things, in oats, and flax seeds, both in this recipe) forms a kind of “gel” in your digestive tract. It slows down the absorption of glucose, preventing blood sugar peaks and troughs, and “soaks up” harmful cholesterol. (Sorry about the unscientific terminology) And, guess what: insoluble fibre, which speeds up transit time and prevents constipation, is also abundant in oats.

On to breakfast. This only takes a few minutes to assemble. It is truly delicious, and really filling. I know it contains date paste, but once you have made that, (details on this page)  it keeps (with a squeeze of lemon juice) for 2-4 weeks in the fridge. Go and make some! (……or…add 4 small dates)

It also contains ground golden linseeds  (or “flax seeds”) which are a total super food in my book; I buy them whole (they are very affordable in any health food store, and many supermarkets) Keep them in the fridge (important!) and grind when ready to use. They have more Omega 3 than fish, mild-tasting, packed with soluble fibre, and also happen to work as great egg replacers (see my post on Vegan Sugar Free Banana Bread). But I digress. Apple and Cinnamon Breakfast Bowl:

  • 1 cup jumbo organic oats
  • 2 medium apples.
  • 1/8 cup date paste.  (or about 4 Halawi dates)
  • 1/2 T honey. (or more, to taste)
  •  1/4 t cinnamon  
  •  1T ground flax seeds
  • 1/2 T raisins (just a pinch)

Simply whizz up your apples in the mini chopper with the honey, date paste, flax seeds, cinnamon and 1-2 teaspoons of water if needbe, until it forms a paste.

Then, mix with the oats and raisins and enjoy. Now…..the vital statistics!


  • 100 grams or 1 cup pf rolled oats:  10 grams.  (half is insoluble fibre, half is  a soluble type, called beta-glucan)
  • 1T ground flax =3 grams
  • 1/2T raisins = 0.5 grams
  • 2 medium apples=6grams    
  •  1/8 cup date paste = (3 small dates?) =  2.5 grams

TOTAL: 22 Grams!! !  I totally believe that totally merits bold font type, and 3 exclamation marks because the UK RDA for fibre is 25-35 grams. I think you see what I am saying.

It is very filling, and a low fat food, and as such, I think it is a fabulous dieters breakfast. You don’t add milk, you just eat it like that. It is so delicious.

Finally, for further reading about the amazing AMAZING oat grain, follow this link . I love this website because it discusses the studies done in detail, while still being understandable. They don’t just say “studies show it helps reduce blood pressure ” rather, they explain simply how the different compounds of the food interact with your body, and why it helps your blood pressure, or whatever. All studies are referenced at the end of each article.

There is no photo here. Unless you are a talented food photographer, oatmeal bowls fall into the category of delicious but aesthetically unappealing  in my opinion, as shown in my Overnight Oats photo. And anyway, my husband took the camera away with him.

I’ll finish now so you can go and make some date paste, and put golden linseeds on your shopping list  🙂

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