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Beetroot and Apple Juice

Okay, I am really aware that is a seriously lame attempt at a post.

Recipes for juices and smoothies don’t even count as “recipes” in my book, you just grab your blender or juicer and add fruits, veggies and/or leaves.

But….my head is elsewhere and I have 4 large beets sitting here, and more apples than we can possibly eat, even if you count a daily Apple and Cinnamon Breakfast Bowl nowadays.

I really love cooked beetroot as do 3 of the other 4 family members (not a bad ratio), but it was only in the last year I discovered I like it raw too. Grated beetroot and carrot salad with a slightly sweet orange vinaigrette, yum! But these are BIG beets, and just thinking about grating them is putting me off, and you know what? I’m not even going to cook them because they take a month of Sundays to cook and we buy them ready cooked normally (non-pickled kind. Lazy, I know.)

So I’m going to juice them, and see how many people want to share it with me. I am dubious….. Luckily, I really like it.

When juicing vegetables, I think it’s nice to add a little fruit such as apples.  While juicing large amounts of fruit and vegetables regularly might be a habit you don’t feel ready to embrace, don’t let it put you off doing it from time to time. It will always literally flush your system with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and anti oxidants to bless your immune system. Any freshly squeezed juice is better than no juice I say.

“RECIPE” that isn’t really a recipe.

  • 4 large beetroots, uncooked
  • 4 small to medium apples

Add to juicer. Wash your juicer BEFORE you drink your delicious juice, it tastes much better that way. Seriously.

Oh look. My juice has a head.













P.S. I don’t have a fancy pants juicer, it cost under £30 from Argos and it does the job just dandy.

P.P.S  One thing that clicked me onto raw food was reading a book one day called “The Good Health Garden”. It’s about how to grow about 50 different plants and the different health benefits of each, including natural remedies. On almost each and every page, the same five words kept jumping out at me: “For maximum benefits, eat raw”.

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