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On green juice and kapotasana










Sometimes I get yoga emails from a guy named Lucas Rockwood. He has a cool story- started as a sweaty overweight guy who could not get his hands past his knees and who lived off Red Bull, meat, pizza and the like…..and ended up as a very slim, uber-bendy bloke, who eats only plants and drinks lots of green juice, and loves it. He now lives in Thailand making a pretty packet with his yoga courses.

I like his emails because they are short and to the point, he doesn’t talk about chi and chakras, and he signs off , not with the traditional “Namaste”, but  “Stay Bendy” 🙂 

He often says things like “Coffee, meat and white carbs make you stiff” and “eating lots of greens helps your flexibility”, though never really offers much more in terms of “evidence”; just the thousands (literally) of people he has met and taught. But no “official studies” or anything….

So one day after Christmas, my body did not feel good. I had not loved it as I know how to  🙂  Tesco had loads of celery,cucumber and greens on the Reduced Shelf (It was not yet Jan 1st, so people hadn’t started dieting yet 😉 )  and I decided to just drink green juice for a day to give my poor digestion a break.

(I hasten to add, I do like drinking this, and I see no point in subjecting yourself to something you loathe just for the sake of “detox”, but there are a million ways to clean up your insides, like sweet, delicious fruit and water. More ideas in this post)

After one day of green juice, I was feeling better and pain-free and in the evening I decided to do some cheeky backbending. It had been 3 or 4 days since I had done any and I expected to be very stiff, so planned to take it slowly. Imagine my surprise when I was able to get further back than I ever have, with far more ease than I had ever experienced. (Yes, that merits an underlining, it does!)

I love personal anecdotal evidence  🙂 

P.S. No, obviously the girl in the photo is not me. But I can do that posture. It’s called Kapotasana- “Camel”. I nailed it in quite a short time, and I attribute it to  just 10 short minutes back stretching a day, and lots of clean food and water. That’s just my opinion  🙂

Namaste: The divine in me salutes, and reverences, the divine in you.

Namaste  🙂 







Pink Grapefruit- two ways.


Green juice anyone?














Here are a couple of refreshing pink grapefruit recipes for ya. One of them green.

Does it feel a little cold for “refreshing” drinks? I enjoyed them anyway.

These do taste of grapefruit, (though the first one is sweeter)so if you don’t like it, try this with oranges. For children- definitely with oranges.


Grapefruit berry slushie (FOR A BLENDER)

  • 1 pink grapefruit, chopped
  • 10 frozen-semi-thawed raspberries
  • 10 frozen-semi-thawed strawberries
  • 1 flavoursome clementine
  • a small bit of water to get your blender going
Blend until smooth. Schlurp!


Green Grapefruit Twister (FOR A JUICER)

From my “new” book, “Miracle Juices”.  I found it on the shelf, I was completely unaware I had it. Think it was a charity shop buy ages ago. I was drawn to this because it seemed such a weird combination. I know, I know……

Insert into juicer:

  • 1 grapefuit
  • 1 carrot
  • 1-2 large handfuls of spinach

This is very green but tastes of grapefruit. It’s quite a confusion. The carrot takes the edge off the grapefruit bitterness, though I could taste no carrot. Very nice though!

Note. Some conventional juicers cannot really get much out of leafy greens, mine cannot. In these cases you need to juice the fruits/vegetables and then blend in the leaves in the liquidiser. It seems like a bit of a faff, but it only adds about 3 minutes, and plenty of extra chlorophyll  🙂


I will be regaling you with future experiments from this book soon.

Meanwhile, for a sweeter, more conventional drink of phytochemicals, try a  Green smoothie  (no really, it IS conventional!) or some Heavenly Juice.

You’re welcome. Bottoms up!

The joys of green juice

Just a brief effusion. You know how I love green smoothies- a blended mixture of fresh fruit, water, and greens. (Start with milder leaves, and it will taste only fruity with a nice fresh undertone)  This year I have discovered the joys of green juice!

Feeling, one day,  no desire to eat, but also no desire to fast completely, I decided to dig out the juicer and experiment.

Suggestion: If you are not a vegetable lover- start with green smoothies. Having said that, you can make these sweeter, by adding apples etc  We have a TON of apples from Eden (aka Tesco Reduced table). I normally use celery and cucumber as a base (celery was clearly made for either dipping, or feeding into a juicer) Lemon or lime for acidity, some root ginger for warmth if desired, apples/pears for sweetness, and even some leaves for extra…well…green.

TIP: Most centrifugal juicers struggle with green leaves- you may get something out but not much- with an awful lot of waste. To bypass this, prepare yourself a juice base in the juicer (celery, cucumber, and whichever fruit you wish to add- lime, pineapple, apple) and then using a blender, BLEND the leaves into your wonderful green elixir! I know- it’s two things to wash up….but you’re worth it 🙂

SO refreshing, SO clean, and surprisingly good! Go forth and experiment with either your blender or juicer, and drink some deliciously packaged chlorophyll!

Warming Juice

I have stomach pains.

Perhaps it’s the anxiety of feeding a family on nothing but 90 satsumas.

Seriously, it’s just the leftovers of an operation I had to have once. For all the TLC I try to give my organism, sometimes my insides hate me. And when that happens, as I am sure we have all experienced, I don’t want to eat anything. So despite the cold, today I decided to haul out the old juicer again and just have a juice.

This is carrot-rich, which happens to be the other thing we have a ridiculous excess an abundance  of, and this seems like a perfect way to use some. I say perfect, but I prefer to use them as they are, it always makes me pretty sad to see all that pulp (fibre) come out. I don’t juice all the time, and I know there are things you can do with that pulp, but normally I end up putting it in food waste. I guess that’s okay too, as it’s going to become compost. Back to Mother earth.

It is warming because of the root ginger it has in it. Root ginger is not expensive at all (at least, not in Tesco) and you can freeze it in chunks if you have too much. (The textures goes a bit funny, but it still tastes great) I might save a bit for zinging up  the amazing 3 ingredient sauce, as we are having stir fry tomorrow. (Satsuma-free.)

So: Warming Juice  (proportions are an example,only)

  • 3-4 carrots
  • 1-2 apples
  • piece of root ginger (size of a thumb)
  • cinnamon (2-3 pinches)
  • 1 orange, peeled (satsumas may also work…)

(Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory root, as well having anti-viral properties. 

Insert into juicer, sit back, and enjoy that warmth!

Beetroot and Apple Juice

Okay, I am really aware that is a seriously lame attempt at a post.

Recipes for juices and smoothies don’t even count as “recipes” in my book, you just grab your blender or juicer and add fruits, veggies and/or leaves.

But….my head is elsewhere and I have 4 large beets sitting here, and more apples than we can possibly eat, even if you count a daily Apple and Cinnamon Breakfast Bowl nowadays.

I really love cooked beetroot as do 3 of the other 4 family members (not a bad ratio), but it was only in the last year I discovered I like it raw too. Grated beetroot and carrot salad with a slightly sweet orange vinaigrette, yum! But these are BIG beets, and just thinking about grating them is putting me off, and you know what? I’m not even going to cook them because they take a month of Sundays to cook and we buy them ready cooked normally (non-pickled kind. Lazy, I know.)

So I’m going to juice them, and see how many people want to share it with me. I am dubious….. Luckily, I really like it.

When juicing vegetables, I think it’s nice to add a little fruit such as apples.  While juicing large amounts of fruit and vegetables regularly might be a habit you don’t feel ready to embrace, don’t let it put you off doing it from time to time. It will always literally flush your system with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and anti oxidants to bless your immune system. Any freshly squeezed juice is better than no juice I say.

“RECIPE” that isn’t really a recipe.

  • 4 large beetroots, uncooked
  • 4 small to medium apples

Add to juicer. Wash your juicer BEFORE you drink your delicious juice, it tastes much better that way. Seriously.

Oh look. My juice has a head.













P.S. I don’t have a fancy pants juicer, it cost under £30 from Argos and it does the job just dandy.

P.P.S  One thing that clicked me onto raw food was reading a book one day called “The Good Health Garden”. It’s about how to grow about 50 different plants and the different health benefits of each, including natural remedies. On almost each and every page, the same five words kept jumping out at me: “For maximum benefits, eat raw”.

Heavenly Juice

Alfredo brought home 4 bags of oranges at 10p a bag yesterday (we honestly don’t hang out for hours at the Reduced shelf, by the way. We just get lucky)

He said: “They had trays and trays of them, but I thought- “What are we going to do with all those oranges?”

(Honey- don’t you know me by now??)

What are we going to do with all those oranges?

Answer: This juice!











Amazing juice to begin the day with! Suggested ratio:

  • 2 oranges to 10 frozen raspberries, thawed under a warm tap. (The glass shown is double these quantities. This would be amazing with strawberries too)


  • Juice your oranges by hand with a regular old plastic citrus juicer.
  • Blend your juice with your raspberries in a blender.
  • Wait for 2 minutes so the seeds sink to the bottom of your juice, if you wish.

Note to self: Early mornings are great; you have time to juice a dozen oranges with a little 4 year old helper in Dora the Explorer pyjamas. “I’m really good at doing this, aren’t I Mum??…….and ..”This is a definite thumbs-up smoothie Mum!”

I wept a little for the pallets of 10p oranges that are now in compost, but apart from that, it was a doggone good way to start a rainy day!

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