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Pistachio Nut Butter

Wow. I am so happy I did this! I only made a small amount so I would have some more of my pistachios for something else, but I wanted to try it. I have done a few different nut butters:  almond, cashew, macadamia. I will also try some seed butters one day, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, etc Mmmm, pecan nut butter, I bet that’s nice…..

You can spread them on bread or crackers as is, use them as a luxury dip for your veggies, add some herbs and what-have-you to make a kind of savoury spread, you can bake with them instead of saturated animals fats, you can make caramel sauces with them by adding plump ripe dates and/or maple syrup…….

You need a food processor, and depending on the size of your machine you may need to use more nuts than I did. Mine is a mini chopper and I only used 1/2 a cup of nuts. Just process until it becomes like a spread. Easy!

What a lovely, alternative spread for your wholewheat toast that also happens to be packed with vitamins, minerals and healthy fats! Mine was a savoury spread (2 small pinches of salt) You could top with chopped tomato or some alfalfa sprouts. Or you could add honey and make it a sweet spread.

My photo is pretty lame, but here it is anyway.  I think maybe mine needed a little longer processing for the release of the oils, it looks a touch dry…but I was getting impatient. Also, you could add the tiniest bit of oil to make it smoother (e.g. walnut oil, almond oil, sunflower oil) By the way, the green was even prettier in real life. And I should have spread to the edges. Okay, I will stop apologising for the appearance, but seriously- it tasted GOOD!

Behold! Pistachios on Toast.

Have a great day. Right here, it’s raining. Hooray for rain, it brings forth the plants!  Go and eat some plants and be thankful for the rain.

Orange-Cranberry-Pistachio Cookies

My best Christmas present was definitely the book “Raw For Dessert” by Jennifer Cornbleet. (Oh, and a beekeeping course. Very cool, thanks darling!) You can find out about it and see some sample recipes here. She bases all of her no-bake desserts around uncooked/unprocessed nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit, and some spices and condiments. They all look so good, and the ones I have tasted are fabulous. Yea, even fab.u.lous. And you feel so grateful while you eat them. What a wonderful abundance the earth brings forth and how good it feels to eat plants!!

Here is another pistachio creation, adapted from her recipe (she used lemon)

You need:

  • 1 cup raw almonds
  • 1/4 cup of raw pistachios
  • pinch salt
  • 8 pitted medjool dates or 15 pitted Halawi dates (not dried)
  • 2 teaspoons orange zest
  • 1/4 cup dried cranberries

Process 1/2 c of the almonds in your food procesor (S blade) until you have a fine crumb. As I was rich in pistachios I also threw in some extra pistachios to please the eye and gladden the heart, quite frankly.

Put the remaining 1/2 cup of almonds in, with the pistachios and salt and process till coursely chopped. Leave some texture. Add the dates and  zest, and process till the mixture begins to stick. Add the cranberries and pulse briefly till just mixed.

Using the 1/2T, scoop out the dough and roll into balls, roll in your almond crumb and chill for one hour before serving. Oh my goodness. Look how beautiful! They made me feel all festive just looking at them. So delicious. Can be kept in the fridge for 1 month, or 3 months in the freezer.

And a close-up……

Have a great day. Love yourselves, body and soul. 🙂

It’s pistachio week!….Pineapple Sorbet with Pistachio topping

Two lovely friends gave me a huge bag of unroasted, shelled pistachio nuts. (You know who you are) What a cool gift! Even though I love shelling the roasted, salty kind, this just looked so beautiful, and I was excited to have it.

Pistachios contain more lutein, — normally found in dark leafy vegetables — beta carotene , and gamma tocopherol  (the major form of vitamin E ) than other nuts. It also appears to help lower LDL cholesterol, and it’s oxidised LDL cholesterol that forms plaques on the inside of your arteries.

They also happen to be very beautiful, and delicious. I am going to post a few things we did with them over the next few days.

Pineapple Sorbet with pistachio topping

Oh, this was so good, and so simple, and the children loved it!

  • Take a very ripe pineapple. Peel, and chop.
  • Using a small amount of water (or fresh lemon juice) to help your blender get going, blend until  smooth. 50 mls-ish should be sufficient if you “pulse” the blender for the first few times.
  • Freeze in an ice cream maker…
  • …OR spread quite thinly over the base of a pyrex dish. Freeze, and after an hour, with a fork smush it all up to break up ice crystals and freeze for another hour. It should be ready by then. If not, do another smush-freeze cycle of 30 minutes.
  • Top with chopped pistachios and maple syrup. YUM!

Fruit sorbets need no additional sugar if you use fruit that is very naturally sweet like ripe pineapples or ripe mangos. The maple syrup was a kind of decadent thing. Thought the glisten would set off the green nuts nicely, and so it did 🙂 

So healthy, and delicious! And it’s full of anti-oxidants for happy cells. It wasn’t sunny when we at it, but you can’t have everything on the same day 🙂

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