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‘Tis also the season to eat Satsumas, but this is ridiculous!!

I am running down the fridge for a trip away. Moreover, the wind has had such a bite in it, that I cannot bear a supermarket trip, since Isaac repeatedly pulls off his hat and gloves, and within minutes he is holding up his blue little hands and whimpering “Cold”. These two things, coupled with Alfredo returning very late with the car, so late that all I can contemplate is talking with him under a blanket while eating roast chestnuts,do not bode well for my meal planning.

Fortunately, I have satties. I did not blog about my bargain satsuma haul, as I have in times past, but they were selling off massive “Christmas” bags (about 30 per bag) for 10p one evening. 10 pence! Of course, I had to buy several, (okay, four) and planned to give one at least, to my friend, but I keep forgetting. When I have deposited my shivering daughters into a warm school, all I can think of is getting home to put the fire on and read “The Monster at the End of This Book” to Isaac.Repeatedly.

100 satsumas (even delicious ones) are taxing  my creativity. It began with “If you are hungry waiting for dinner, there are satsumas”….to….”Dessert is satsumas” to me wondering “Could I incorporate satsumas into a wrap in any way , do you think?” to…….”Would they work on top of pasta?”

It is definitely time to hit the supermarket.

But it’s sooo cold!! They have forecasted snow around here too.

Well, if the worst comes to the worst, and we run out of carrots, we could have a satsuma nose on our snowman. It was good enough for Raymond Briggs….

Heavenly Juice

Alfredo brought home 4 bags of oranges at 10p a bag yesterday (we honestly don’t hang out for hours at the Reduced shelf, by the way. We just get lucky)

He said: “They had trays and trays of them, but I thought- “What are we going to do with all those oranges?”

(Honey- don’t you know me by now??)

What are we going to do with all those oranges?

Answer: This juice!











Amazing juice to begin the day with! Suggested ratio:

  • 2 oranges to 10 frozen raspberries, thawed under a warm tap. (The glass shown is double these quantities. This would be amazing with strawberries too)


  • Juice your oranges by hand with a regular old plastic citrus juicer.
  • Blend your juice with your raspberries in a blender.
  • Wait for 2 minutes so the seeds sink to the bottom of your juice, if you wish.

Note to self: Early mornings are great; you have time to juice a dozen oranges with a little 4 year old helper in Dora the Explorer pyjamas. “I’m really good at doing this, aren’t I Mum??…….and ..”This is a definite thumbs-up smoothie Mum!”

I wept a little for the pallets of 10p oranges that are now in compost, but apart from that, it was a doggone good way to start a rainy day!

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