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Awesome delicious “wholewheat tortilla chips”

My chip-loving husband asked me to come up with an easy quick substitute that used things we normally had on hand. No problem!

I know this idea is not my own, but it is the first time we have tried it, and wow, what a hit it was.

Warning- VERY moreish.

You need

  • 3 WHOLEWHEAT Pitta breads.
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt
  • Herbs/spices


1.Split your pitta breads carefully so you have two oval shapes.

2.Cut into convenient dipper shapes.

3.In a bowl, place some extra virgin oil, (2-3 tablespoons to begin with) a few pinches of salt and anything else you wish to add (garlic granules, onion powder, nutritional yeast….)

4.Toss your Bread shapes until all are fully coated but not dripping.

5.Notice how every pitta bread has a thin side and a thick side? Place your thin chips at the front of the oven. I know. I burnt quite a few.

6.The oven should be pre-heated to 180-190 degrees. Keep a close eye on these, mine took less than 5 minutes but I have one fierce oven.

7. Serve with a home-made tomato salsa, which I do not have time to talk about today!















Enjoy! Is anyone still on this email list after my blogging activities waning?!


Link: Coconuttish Rice

Smoothie success: When your 3 year old tries to sneak his sister’s smoothie as well as his own.

Smoothie “fail”:When his sister is delighted!

To point out…it was delicious. I mean, kid-delicious, because we all know they have more selective palates- mine do anyway! She often detects strange ingredients in things that have gone nowhere near it, like the other day as she drank her smoothie- (pulling a face)  “Does this have coconut in??!”  (Not so much as a whiff- they “hate” coconut)

Or when I made a particular soup which tasted “garlickish” according to Ellie.

But then she surprises you. Like when she asked for a salad for breakfast, begged for raw cauliflower as a supermarket snack (just the once ,mind. Follow this link for the story) or like when she said “What can I have for dessert?” Me, absent-mindedly- “I don’t know”


I KNOW!!! I have a GREAT idea of something I LOVE, AND, it’s HEALTHY. ….Frozen peas!!!

She ummed and made noises as she ate her frozen peas, which by the way she “hates” cooked.

She asked for more.


But because I do not have a proper post, but I still love my blog, because it’s my baby, and I want to update from time to time, I am pointing you to THIS delicious recipe that I have posted previously. It’s healthy, filling, hearty, easy, and cheap. I have enjoyed it a few times of late in this cold weather. Only me, mind.

Because it’s coconuttish.

But it’s delicious. 🙂

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